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BIG Blogging | by Red Giant

The Red Giant Design Blog contains articles, tips & tricks, tutorials and other great resources for small business owners to do with: Web design, branding, small business and entrepreneurship, effective marketing, SEO and social media.

If you are like most of our clients - small business owners and entrepreneurs with massive amounts of ambition and tight budgets - then you probably don't have thousands of little gold coins lying around to pay "SEO experts" to generate traffic to your website. You're also so busy making a success of your small business...
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Are you less artistic than an arid accountant? Perhaps you are an accountant. Either way, you just can't seem to come up with any solid logo design concepts.  I'm going to help you brainstorm a logo design that stands out more than Lady Gaga in her meat suit. Brainstorming is probably the most challenging phase in the logo design process. ...
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Content Management Systems are the main cause of the saturated web design market and the many, ahem, headache-inducing websites around today. If you have ever heard the term Content Management System, or CMS, but have no clue what on earth it means or how it relates to you and your website, this post is for you. ...
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LadyGagaMakeupRedLipstick k5PDxjZieol-206x300
Before Red Giant Design Studio was born, we ran a "web design business".  It sucked.  Why did it suck?  It was boring and forgettable.  There was no reason for people to remark on our branding.  Without a remarkable (remark-able) brand and design work, your business is destined for failure. Fortunately, the old "sucky" business served as...
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Kissing your feet!
Ever wondered why your web designer charges so much? I'll tell you why. I'll also tell you how you can make his life easier and why you should, by filling you in on what goes down when web designers take on a new client. The unfortunate misconception is that you can get on the phone with...
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