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Look Everybody! New Stuff!

Posted by on in Web Design

update thumbIt's been a long time in the making, but we have finally completed the majority of the renovations, if you will, to our website. Well, most of the things that you can see, anyway.

Updated Design

At Red Giant Design, we're pretty fussy when it comes to the work we do and the image that we portray to all of you. This means that when we look back at something and aren't 100% happy, something is going to change.

We've done exactly that with our website. Amongst the changes, you'll find a new menu, some new goodies (testimonials & portfolio previews, a different showcase) on the home page, a new social sharing widget, some general design updates and even a new portfolio

New Services

social mob seo

Red Giant's vision is to evolve from a what was just a web and graphic design studio into a fully capable digital agency is what sparked many of the changes you're reading about here. We've hired a few other really awesome geeks and found new levels of expertise so we are able to offer our services in the other related fields which you know you need but wouldn't dream of trying to do yourself. 

We want to be the only business you, as a small business owner, needs to market your business online. To help us realise this goal, we are now offering the following services to all our small business clients:

We think these additions are pretty darn cool. What do you think?  

One of our clients, BFore, is already making use of most of these services and, three months in, it would seem they are doing really, really well. 

New Blog & Comment System

Yep, that's right. If you haven't already noticed, Red Giant has an entirely new blogging system, complete with a brand new comment system, in place. 

Because our website is based on the Joomla! CMS, blogging can sometimes be a bit tricky. Having run a blog using a Wordpress for Joomla! by CorePHP for the past year or so, I must admit that we were less than impressed.

easyblog  komento

We have since migrated the entire system onto EasyBlog, by the wonderful folk at Stackideas, coupled with their own comment system, Komento. I can quite confidently say that this is the best blogging component I have used for Joomla! to date.

I will be doing a full review of both EasyBlog and Komento in the very near future, which will appear right here on  the Red Giant Blog, as well as (unless they make me very unhappy very soon) in our upcoming "Recommended Products" section on the website. Subscribe to our mailing list and I'll send this, and other completely useful stuff, straight to your inbox. 

Opinions, Please!

Now is the part where I ask you to go wild and make sure everything is working on our new blog and website, which have the result of many long caffeine-infused nights. We'd especially like to know if our new comment system is working - hint hint, nudge nudge.

Please let me know what you think of all the changes. Does our design team need to take a pay cut or should I let them go on time today? 

Oh yes, it would be great if you'd test out our social sharing buttons too. ;)


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Mark is a co-founder of Red Giant Design Studio whose passion lies in business and entrepreneurship - more specifically the branding and marketing thereof. Mark enjoys helping other small business owners grow and market their businesses.

You can follow Mark on Twitter, or find him on LinkedIn and on Google+.

Mark is also part of the Sitepoint.com elite authoring team: