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Quick Tips for Free Traffic - Forum Marketing

Posted by on in SEO

If you are like most of our clients - small business owners and entrepreneurs with massive amounts of ambition and tight budgets - then you probably don't have thousands of little gold coins lying around to pay "SEO experts" to generate traffic to your website. You're also so busy making a success of your small business that you don't have all day to read about SEO and watch lengthy videos which say a whole lot of nothing!

That's where I come in! What we are trying to do, primarily for fellow small business owners, is compile a library of really quick traffic tips which you can start today! These come in the form of our brand new 60 Second Series - Quick Tips to Generate Free Traffic!

Watch the video, let us know what you like and don't like. I know there are a hundred things we can improve on (including my ugly mug) but this is a great place to start. Rest assured the videos will get better as we progress. As always, I love getting feedback from you, so please comment, criticise and subscribe away!


Quick Traffic Tip #1 Video Transcript Below:

This is our first ever Quick Traffic Tip - and it's such an important one.

We're talking about FORUM MARKETING! Forum Marketing is will bring you loads of traffic in the long run and the best thing is you can start today!

This is how you do it:

  • Get on to Google and search for forums and message boards relative to your industry. Places where your target market hangs out!
  • Join those forums and fill in your profiles completely!
  • Make sure you create a signature which links directly to your website. Include a call-to-action (CTA) for best results.
  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT spam your links and advertising immediately!
  • Spend time listening to the conversations taking place.
  • If you spot a discussion or think of a topic where you can add a whole lot of value which is relevant to the forum and its members, create a really thoughtful, constructive post to add to the discussion.
  • Keep doing this and eventually you will grow to be known as an expert in your field and people will actually want to visit your website!
  • You don't need to sell your products on the forums, you simply need to sell your knowledge and expertise.

If you do all these things you will start to grow a reputation amongst the forum members, and when the time comes they will remember you as the expert when it comes to what you're selling.

Remember forum marketing can get you free traffic, but you're going to need to put in the effort and interact with the community. You will be rewarded.

Did you enjoy this post? Please leave a comment below and share the post with others.  If you would like us to do a video on a specific topic, let us know!  We create these videos for you, so please tell us how we can improve and what you would like to see more of. 

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Mark is a co-founder of Red Giant Design Studio whose passion lies in business and entrepreneurship - more specifically the branding and marketing thereof. Mark enjoys helping other small business owners grow and market their businesses.

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