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BIG Blogging | by Red Giant

The Red Giant Design Blog contains articles, tips & tricks, tutorials and other great resources for small business owners to do with: Web design, branding, small business and entrepreneurship, effective marketing, SEO and social media.

Job Description Are you a skilled developer who gets weirdly excited when talking and reading about things like user experience, responsive design, bootstraps and version management? Do you pride yourself on developing innovative web-based solutions for clients that solve complex problems? Do you love trying new things and taking the road less taken? If your answer...
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Job description Are you a young designer who's passionate about what you do?  Are you interested in the designing (and possibly getting your hands dirty with development) of websites? Do you get weirdly excited when you talk and read about things like user experience, conversion rate optimisation, CSS3, A/B testing & call-to-actions? Do you love trying...
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When you think of social media your mind is immediately directed towards friends sharing photographs, updating their status so family know what they are up to and finding friends they haven’t seen in years. Social media is so much more than this and the interesting fact that many people need to be aware of is how...
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This blog post is an adapted version of an email that I have the unfortunate task of sending out regularly as a direct response to many of the SEO enquiries we get. Out of all the potential customers who throw their wallets at us for search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and/or pay-per-click (PPC)...
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Joomla! and Wordpress could be considered two of the biggest rivals on the Internet. Wordpress and Joomla! are the Coke and Pepsi of the CMS world.  Content Management Systems (CMS) revolutionised the Internet as we knew it. They lowered the extremely high technical barrier which prevented those with less technical expertise from having a presence...
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