Joomla! and Wordpress could be considered two of the biggest rivals on the Internet. Wordpress and Joomla! are the Coke and Pepsi of the CMS world. 

Content Management Systems (CMS) revolutionised the Internet as we knew it. They lowered the extremely high technical barrier which prevented those with less technical expertise from having a presence on the web.  We have now been through many years of CMS development and two, maybe three if you're a Drupal fan, content management systems have emerged as being the cream of the crop. 

While there are many smaller CMSs that do a fantastic job for certain purposes and people with certain levels of technical know-how, Wordpress and Joomla! emerged as the two that have made the most impact worldwide. 

For many, the decision of which CMS to use ends up being a brawl between Wordpress and Joomla! To help you with your decision, we have created this nifty infographic which highlights some of the more pertinent points involved in the decision. For a more detailed approach, you're welcome to read the entire series of articles, upon which this infographic is based, which I wrote for 

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Without further ado:

Infographic: Wordpress vs Joomla in 2013


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